Lijiang - Black Dragon PoolTibet - The Potala LhasaThailand - Strongman at the Royal PalaceChina - The Three Pagodas DaliTibet - Monks Debating

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Artisans for You!

Lijiang Carving - Two Goddesses
Lijiang Carving - Two Goddesses

Artist painting a Tibetan Thangka

Ren Qing Jie from Zhigatse painting a thangka

Guardians of the Arts

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Artisans at Work

Our products express the creativity and skill of the craftsman our ‘Guardians of the Arts’ and provide an insight into distant cultures and the lives that the people lead.   

Distance, mountain ranges and rivers may provide barriers but cultures still mix and artistic styles are still influenced.   

Through openness to these influences artistic creativity can prosper, but through subservience nothing unique will remain.  We select our products and artisans in the hope they represent this ideal

Arts of the Dragon is about the culture, history, art and artefacts of the East Asian peoples. The dragon our logo is an auspicious symbol for most countries in this region from Tibet and Nepal to China to Thailand and Cambodia, and even as far east as Japan.

Cambodia - Angkor Wat at Sunrise

Wherever possible, the company aims to conduct business directly with the individual artisan.  By sourcing products directly from them, we are able to offer you our customers a competitive price, provide a fair income to the craftsman, and still have a little left over to help our selected charity. 

We source Tibetan thangkas, singing bowls and Nepalese boxes; lacquered boxes and silk embroideries from China; oil paintings from Cambodia and carvings from Lijiang.  

We deal with people not authorities, all of our artisans are talented, hardworking, and have lower standards of living than us in the UK.  So please have a look at our website, if there is anything you like, buy it, your purchase will make a difference.